Where Do You Live?

Hello, Canadians!
Bonjour, les Canadiens*!

I thought it'd be fun to know where all of you lovely Canadian people live. And where you were raised. And where you plan on going in the future. And your exact street addresses.

I'm from Northern BC**. I've lived on Vancouver Island. I moved back to Northern BC, but not as far north as before. I don't feel comfortable saying exactly where I live because it's a pretty small town (but I still want your full addresses, thx) and I am a paranoid person. I've never lived outside of BC.


I always get the feeling that all the Canadians on the interwebnet live in bigger cities like Vancouver or Toronto. Prove me wrong!

So, what about you? Do we have any small town Canadians here? Any French Canadians? Anyone from the Territories or Maritimes!?

*I don't speak French.
**AKA the best province.