Justin Trudeau has announced that any candidates running in the 2015 election (minus incumbent MP's) will be screened so as to determine where they stand on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, and that Liberal MP's under his leadership will be expected to vote pro-choice should the Tories try to reopen the debate.

On one hand, I think this is great because there are Tories who very much want to open both abortion and same-sex marriage up for debate, even though Canadians are largely fine with both. Canada has fewer vocal anti-abortion politicians (though we do have some) than our southern neighbours, but nonetheless I'm glad for an entire political party that realizes women are perfectly capable of making their own choices.

But at the same time, it rubs part of me the wrong way. I know in this case it's for the best, but I can't help but give the side-eye to any political leader who doesn't want any of their MP's voting differently.

I do like that Justin is doing what he can to move the Liberals away from the centre and to the left, however. One of my issues with the party in the past was that they sat too close to the right for my comfort.

I also like that him simply existing seems to piss Harper off to no end (even though it means spending money on attack ads outside of election season).