The average cost of a single home in April was $965,000. Kill me.

Shortage of listings continues to plague market, drive high price growth. Leading the real estate pack in terms of price growth were semi-detached houses, with the average Toronto semi selling for $702,000.

Seriously. I really do want a house one day. It's not ridiculousl to think that houses shouldn't be for the super-rich only.

Next in line in terms of price spikes were detached homes where prices were up 11.3 per cent — 13.2 per cent in the City of Toronto, where the average sale price of a detached in April was $965,670.


I don't want to wish doom on anyone, per se, but I will accept a housing bubble burst if it means I can afford to live in the Roncy neighbourhood.

(Yes, Vancouver, I know your housing situation sucks too.)

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