Take off, eh

What with this morning being brisk and bright, I figured I'd see if I could get the aged Mr Fusspot around the block. We proceeded at a leisurely pace and, just past the halfway point, his attention was drawn to a pair of jogging women. The Fusspot objects strongly to joggers and runners - possibly because he has never seen me doing the same thing (because I am a huge giant slug), but more likely because he sees a potential source of love and scritches getting away without paying the love toll. So he barked, as he does, but instead of just keeping going the joggers came over to see him, which started a flurry of tail wags and kisses. The one woman got right down on the sidewalk and made a huge fuss over the Fusspot, who just ate it up. I was staring at the woman because she looked familiar - I was sure I knew her face from somewhere - but I only clued in when I heard her jogging partner call her by name. The friendly Fusspot-admirer was Christie Blatchford!


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