Bell Media has made some drastic cuts to the music channels Much (formerly Much Music) and M3 (formerly Much More Music). They've laid off VJs Lauren Montoya, Scott Willats and Leah Miller. L:eah Miller was a very prolific VJ, hosting MuchOnDemand and all season of the Canadian version of "So You Think You Can Dance?" Shows were also cancelled:

The eight shows axed are "1 Girl, 5 Gays," "After Degrassi," "Losing It," "Movie Night," "MTV News," "Today's Top 10s," "Video On Trial," and "The Wedge." CTV, Much, M3, MTV, Space, and E! were all affected.

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I'm conflicted. The TV landscape is changing, ESPECIALLY for music. Much Music (and Musique Plus in Quebec) was such an important piece of the Canadian music scene. I know it was the CRTC Can-Con rules that forced a lot of it, but the spotlighting of up-and-coming Canadian acts was wonderful.

Due to the increasing presence of music blogs and podcasts, shows like The Wedge aren't really needed to showcase the alternative music scene. I admit I liked Video on Trial when it was Ed the Sock's Fromage Festival that he did as part of the Christmas/End of year roundup (do they still do the Christmas Tree Toss?), but it was entertaining enough. I don't have cable any more so I'm probably part of the problem, as I don't watch any of the music channels.

But being a VJ was such a career launcher. George Stromboulopoulos, Sook-Yin Lee, Hannah Sung, Rick 'The Temp', Bill Welychka, Steve Anthony, Master T ....


The channel will never officially go away, as it is the source of our Degrassi needs, but I can still be sad that it isn't the same as it once was.

The video channel is dead; long live the video YouTube Channel.

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