So I found out there there are TWO Comic book stores up here and one's super close to my house! I headed on out to visit them and boy do they have a large selection!!! Back issues, random issues and my personal favorite hardcover collections! They also have a great selection of figurines, which I don't normally buy but like to look at.

I was super impressed, they ordered all the issues of things I was looking for but didn't have. And it was overall a great experience... Except... As I was leaving I heard one of the patrons insult my purchase* (Serenity) with a "pfft.. Chicks"... Dude, WTF is your malfunction?!?!?!?!?!

*I'm assuming he was insulted by my purchase, I don't know what else I did other than have ovaries that deserved that kind of response.... I miss my old comic book store right now.