So now that I'm settled in the new house, and by settled I mean I've unpacked the necessities and there's still a crapton of boxes still kicking around that I'm ignoring, I've decided to focus on my empty, empty yard.

We're in a new house and the ground still needs to be graded but until then I've mapped out my expanded deck and where I want my potential garden to be and what have you. What' 'interesting about this is that I'm allergic to everything outside. I mean EVERYTHING. I can't even sit on the grass without getting hives everywhere. And now here I am all house bound thinking "I want a garden! I want a big grassy yard and a fire pit and a dog run and everything!"... I think the air is messing with me up here.

So part of the rules when you're buying a house, or at least what I've experienced buying a house in Alberta is that the city you're living in can mandate how many trees you are required to have on your property. I need to plant 6. SIX TREES. And the city's website has a list of all the different kinds of trees that grow well here. The Mr was home the last couple of days and I relayed all the information I had gathered and I told him "So I'm going to see if I can switch out one of the trees for this really cool lilac tree that apparently can grow here".

Him: You're allergic to Lilacs...

Me: I apparently don't care anymore..


I may have also ALMOST ordered something that I was allergic to at lunch just to see how far I was going to gamble this.... Apparently I'm a risk taker North of the Wall....