Take off, eh
Take off, eh

So.... How's everyone doing? Personally, I want to set my social media on fire. And I think we need a forum to discuss what's happening south of our borders because we all know this is a discussion that we also need to have at home...

Being a "Mosaic" Canadians have adopted an international persona of "race blindness" that I'm becoming more and more aware doesn't exist the longer these discussions happen on the internet. I've literally un-friended and unfollowed several people on Facebook and Twitter since the Ferguson Grand Jury. I want to tell my roommate to move the fuck out because he's posted two incredible ignorant things on Facebook.


Since moving from a major city to North of the Wall I thought that I would be exposed to people from across the country and be able to share in our different experiences. Not so much. I have a regular saying to people when they frequently use the phrase "That's so gay" to make them uncomfortable in social situations. I'm constantly reminding people that they are being racist so much that I think people think that's my new catch phrase. I'm always twenty seconds away from tearing apart my husband's coworkers and their wives apart for the stupid misogynistic and/or racist things that they say on a regular basis. When I was still smoking I just left the table or the room and went for a smoke. Well I can't do that anymore!!! Fuck...

Anyways, I can't/won't discuss this on my Facebook or Twitter because I don't think it's the right platform for these discussions. And the handful of people I see on a regular basis either already subscribe to my newsletter or are willfully ignorant, so I thought that maybe there were other Canadians out here on the forum that felt the same way? So I reiterate, How's everybody doing?

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