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Road Trip Day 3: Made it to the Prairies!

Today did not have an auspicious start. The water at the hotel where I stayed last night tasted horrible, so I was kind of dehydrated. I made coffee in the little coffee maker anyway, and the grounds masked the taste of the water enough for me to think it was okay.

I'm not sure if what happened an hour later was the coffee or the water or two days of sitting, but I had me some (TMI!) diarrhea when I stopped for brunch. Ugh. I'm sure I had a horrible grimace on my face throughout the eating experience (shitty grilled cheese sandwich and okay salad), and then I forgot to tip when I paid because I NEEDED TO GET BACK TO THE BATHROOM. I didn't even realize my oversight until about nine hours later. Oops. Thank goodness things seemed alright downstairs after that.

I finally remembered to take a picture of the giant mosquito in Upsala! Had to turn around to do it, but I don't know when I'll be back again. Here it is, in all its creepy glory:


I wish I had an actual camera with me so that I could have zoomed in on the face. The mosquito is holding a knife and fork.

I always have to stop more frequently in the morning as I pee out my coffee, but that's okay.

This happened a few times:


Stopped to take a picture of this disaster:


Then got stuck in a traffic jam outside of Dryden. The reason: semi-tonne in the swamp. Oops!

Moving along. Just east of Winnipeg I passed the longitudinal centre of Canada. I'm now in the west (ish)!


And I'm feeling more at home in the prairies. My inauspicious morning was forgotten as I was welcomed back to the flatlands with this gorgeous sky:


(I apologize for the shitty picture – it wasn't as dark out as it looks, but my phone adjusted to the bright light).

I'm staying at my aunt's place for the night (she's away) and I haven't decided yet whether to push through tomorrow or spend the day resting. I'd like to rest and visit some cousins, but I'm a little worried the movers will beat me to my home. Then again, when have movers ever been early?


Completely forgot to check mileage again, but I'm well over 2000km for the entire trip. Maybe 2300km? Today was an 11-hour day, what with the picture stops and the bathroom time. My final leg will also be a long one, as I blast through Saskatchewan and on into Alberta.

PS: I'm really enjoying this Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale by B-Side Brewing. I recommend it to any Ontarians who might come across it - it's flavourful, almost a fruity hop, maybe? In any case, it's damn refreshing after a long day.

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