Take off, eh

This is my first-ever post in the Kinjaverse. I tried to find a post where I might drop this into the comments at GT, but nothing seemed to fit - then I remembered I have posting privs here!

This lady in Vancouver lost her car, as well as her carseats and stroller, when four guys decided to use her car for a joyride/crime-spree over the weekend. Without her car, she's going to struggle to get the kids to school/daycare, and faces the possibility of losing her job because of it.

Link to the CTV story:


This isn't me, and I don't know her, so I can't vouch for anything but what I read here, but I thought people might want to read and share, and, should they feel so inclined, consider donating.

I don't have to know this woman to know how much panic comes with losing one of the bricks in a carefully-laid, but precarious, situation; the fear of having the whole house of cards tumble down can really take the hours off a person's life. I so very much want this lady to catch a badly needed break.

Happy belated holidays to you all, and I wish everyone all the very best for 2015.

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