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Many years ago, I subscribed to Chart Magazine. It was Canada's music magazine, and at the time I was writing my Master's Thesis on Canadian rock music. This was around 1999-2001, as that late-nineties era of CanRock was winding down. Subscriptions to Chart were dirt cheap, like $10 a year. And it was money well spent. I kept that subscription long after the thesis was defended and I had full-time employment. In fact, I subscribed until the literal end of the magazine, which was maybe 2004? It folded as energies were going more into their online presence.

One of my favourite things that ever came out of those magazines (and they were a lot of fun - I loved how every quiz always had the question "Do you hate the band Korn?" and you always scored a point if you answered 'yes') was an exchange of letters following a list Chart did of the 50 best Canadian albums of all time. Number one was Joni Mitchell's Blue, a defensible choice although I've always preferred Court and Spark myself. But someone's bound to disagree, right? I mean, LizTaylorsEarrings was already expecting it with that voting bracket. Well, some people did disagree. Especially one Greg Garreck, location unknown:


Wow, reading that list takes many of us back, right? At least those of us old enough to remember CanRock of the late 1990s. I emailed Chart and asked if Greg Garreck was some sort of practical joke. Who loudly and arrogantly admits they don't know who the number one artist on a best-of list is? But the editor himself emailed me back and said, "dude, I wish he was, but no." Then I felt bad for Greg Garreck. But the following month, this letter was printed:

I laughed too. Very hard. I still laugh now. And that Claudette Auchu record is real, only the title is actually in French and it appears to be pretty hard to come by. No online clips of it exist.

Thanks Greg Garreck, wherever you are. I sincerely hope you are well. And have you listened to Joni yet?

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